Clinical Immunology Service

A specialised service for dogs and cats with a range of immunological disorders

Our new clinical immunology service is provided by Dr Alison Stickney, and is focussed on management of the following conditions:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of immune-mediated disease, including IMHA, IMT, polyarthritis, and masticatory myositis. Alison works closely with our critical care team to facilitate intensive care and transfusion therapy where required in these cases.
  • Long-term management of complex immune-mediated diseases, including concurrent infectious disease, relapse, or intolerance to immunosuppressive medications.
  • Investigation for suspected immunodeficiencies, including FIV-associated disease.
  • Individualised vaccine planning (especially for patients on immunosuppressive therapy or with a history of immune-mediated disease).

In-person consultations are available with Alison throughout the week, and we welcome urgent referrals via our emergency department. A case review service is also available, where we provide a written report and a detailed immunosuppressive protocol for managing the patient within their home clinic.